BREAKING NEWS : Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker acknowledge that one man has consistently performed at a high level despite everton performance this season


Everton owes a huge debt of gratitude to a number of key people who, despite enormous difficulties, have supported the club through the toughest of times.

Whether it is the outstanding players or the management team, to take on such a huge challenge and remain steadfast is a testament not only to their quality but also to their character.

This season they have made it to safety with an incredible 14 points, which would have been 22 points if the Premier League hadn’t suddenly started demanding PSR at random.

Hopefully they can repeat that for a few more years, or at least until the club is financially healed to the point where real tangible progress can be made.

If they want to maintain that kind of stability, Sean Dyche will be an integral part of that, and he should be commended for offering something similar.

Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker praise Sean Dyche

The former Burnley player was praised for his achievements by two pundits yesterday as Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker tried to pick the manager of the season.

With Jordan Pickford already named team player of the season, the conversation was full of strong opinions.

But in the choice of manager, none of them could get past history-maker Pep Guardiola, who led his Manchester City to a fourth consecutive Premier League title.

But other managers got their flowers too, and the former Everton striker briefly mentioned the 52-year-old when speaking on The Rest is Football podcast: “Sean Dyche has done a fantastic job to keep Everton in the top flight, despite dropping points.

This prompted Shearer to explain why he should be recognised for his efforts with the Toffees: “Sean Dyche, with everything he had to go through with points deductions and everything, was brilliant.

Without Sean Dyche, Everton would have been relegated from the Premier League.

It’s probably not unfair to say that without Dyche, Everton would now be relegated.

And I don’t mean this season, but the one he joined in the middle of last season.

There he inherited a mess that Frank Lampard had failed to resolve and managed to assemble a weakened squad lacking in quality and confidence and helped it avoid relegation on the last day of the season.

Few other tacticians could boast the steel and intelligence to revitalise a team that faced intense pressure from Leeds United and Leicester City, who were fighting for the last safe place on the last day of the season.

Although last season was much easier, with 18th placed Luton Town taking just 26 points, the points deductions in year two would have destroyed morale and not only pushed them down the table but also destroyed their spirit.

Dyche made it up, but few others would have been able to continue despite such difficulties. He is a true hero to Everton for what he has done so far, and long may his calming presence remain.

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