🚨BREAKING NEWS : Everton’s decision to cut ties with the now insolvent company signals a prudent move to distance themselves from the chaos


The online car dealer Cazoo, once valued at £6.3 billion, has collapsed into administration, putting 200 jobs at risk ¹.

The company had undergone significant restructuring earlier this year and had abandoned the European arm of its business in 2022, just months after the club’s partnership with Everton came to an end ².

Cazoo had been the main shirt sponsor of Everton, but the club opted to exercise a break clause in its £9.6 million per year deal in March 2022, ending the partnership at the end of the 2021/22 campaign ³.

The company had also sponsored Aston Villa, but that partnership ended the following season ¹. Cazoo had engaged in multiple sports sponsorships across Europe and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as recently as 2021 ⁴.

However, the company faced significant financial difficulties, including a major restructure that saw $630 million worth of debt converted to just $200 million ⁵.

The collapse of Cazoo marks a significant failure in the online car sales market and has put many jobs at risk ².

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