🚨NEWS : Farke’s words serve as a rallying cry for the Whites, urging them to harness their resolve and channel it into securing an immediate return to the Premier League


Leeds United manager Daniel Farke has urged his players and fans to remain calm and composed ahead of the crucial Championship play-off final against Southampton at Wembley Stadium.

Despite the high stakes and immense pressure, Farke wants his team to approach the game with a level head and a normal mindset, focusing on the task at hand rather than getting caught up in the occasion.

With the prize of promotion to the Premier League and the significant financial benefits that come with it, the tension is palpable, and many fans and players may have struggled to sleep ahead of the big game.

However, Farke is keen to maintain a sense of calm and balance within the squad, reminding them that, at the end of the day, it’s just a game of football.

“We’re highly motivated, just like our opponents, but we’re looking forward to this game. It’s a massive chance to get promoted back to the Premier League at the first attempt,” Farke said, emphasizing the importance of staying focused and composed.

By adopting this approach, Farke hopes to give his team the best possible chance of success and secure a return to the top flight.

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