🚨REPORT : As fans grapple with uncertainty and the club navigates a pivotal summer, the elusive truth behind Everton’s future ownership remains shrouded in interest, leaving supporters eager for clarity and resolution


Everton fans have been waiting for a breakthrough in the club’s takeover saga, and finally, some progress has been made. Despite reports suggesting that US billionaire John Textor is close to becoming the new majority shareholder, the Toffees’ finance expert, Alan Myers, has poured cold water on the rumors.

Myers took to social media to clarify that while Textor is indeed a front-runner to purchase Farhad Moshiri’s 94.1% stake in the club, there are several complications that could hinder the deal. Additionally, Myers revealed that Textor is not the only party interested in buying out the Blues, and it’s too early to say for certain if he will become the new owner.

This development comes after an eight-month stalemate with 777 Partners, Moshiri’s preferred buyer, who struggled to pass the Premier League’s owners and directors’ tests due to funding concerns. In contrast, Textor has already proven his ability to own and run a financially stable Premier League club, having acquired a 45% stake in Crystal Palace.

While rules around multi-club ownership may pose a challenge for Textor to become a majority shareholder at Goodison Park immediately, it’s a positive sign for Everton fans that Moshiri is finally taking their plight seriously and engaging in talks with a potential buyer who has a proven track record in the Premier League.

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