🚨Everton Banks Staggering £133m in Premier League Prize Money: Sources Confirm Financial Boost


Everton Football Club has secured a significant financial boost ahead of the summer transfer window, earning around £133 million in prize money from their 2023-24 Premier League campaign.

Despite facing two points deductions throughout the season, the Merseyside club finished in 15th place, ensuring a substantial payout from the Premier League’s prize money pool.

The Premier League distributes its commercial funds equally among its 20 member clubs, as well as UK and overseas broadcast payments.

Additionally, clubs receive payments based on their final league position, with top-performing teams earning more. Everton’s 15th-place finish earned them a total payout of £133 million, ranking them 12th in the Premier League’s prize money table.

Manchester City, the title winners, received the highest payment of £175 million, while Sheffield United and Burnley, who were relegated, pocketed around £110 million.

The prize money injection will provide a significant boost to Everton’s accounts, alleviating concerns over short-term funding and their ability to cover operating costs and stadium construction fees.

This financial windfall comes at a crucial time for Everton, as they navigate ongoing takeover talks with 777 Partners.

The US group has yet to meet the conditions laid out by the Premier League to take majority control of the club, with a deadline of May 31 to complete the deal. If the takeover collapses, Everton can explore alternative options, and the prize money earned will provide a financial safety net.

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