🚨REPORT : Leeds United Forges Ahead with £100m Elland Road Expansion: Kieran Maguire Confirms Plan’s Green Light


Despite Leeds United’s heartbreaking play-off final defeat to Southampton on Sunday, the club’s American owners, the 49ers, remain committed to their ambitious plans to expand Elland Road stadium.

According to finance expert Kieran Maguire, the 49ers are determined to bridge the significant £100 million gap in matchday income between Leeds and their rivals, Manchester United.

Since taking over the club last summer, the 49ers have made no secret of their desire to increase Elland Road’s capacity to 55,000. In November, Leeds United chiefs accelerated plans for the expansion project after securing external investment.

Although Daniel Farke’s side fell short of promotion to the Premier League this season, Maguire believes the 49ers will press on with their long-term strategy.

“Leeds United can sell out a 50,000-seater stadium in the Championship or the Premier League,” Maguire told Football Insider. “It’s a huge club.” He added, “The 49ers have had a long-term strategic approach to their investment in Leeds, and that will not be altered by a short-term bump in the road.”

The 49ers are well aware of the significant revenue generated by Manchester United from ticket sales – a staggering £136 million. In comparison, Leeds earned £30 million from matchday income, highlighting the vast difference between the two clubs.

However, Maguire believes Leeds are aspirational and ambitious, and the 49ers will continue to drive the club’s growth and development, including the expansion of Elland Road.

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