🚨BREAKING NEWS : In a recent interview, ex-Everton CEO Keith Wyness disclosed that Leeds United will postpone their ambitious Elland Road expansion plans until at least 2025


Keith Wyness, Everton’s former chief executive, has revealed that Leeds United’s plans to expand Elland Road stadium will be put on hold until at least 2025.

Wyness, who now runs a football consultancy, shared his insights on the latest edition of Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast.

Leeds United had announced plans to expand the stadium, increasing its capacity to around 55,000, with a projected cost of over £100 million.

However, following their defeat in the Championship play-off final against Southampton, the club’s priorities have shifted. Wyness believes that the expansion plans will be stalled until the club’s promotion prospects become clearer.

Wyness stated, “The file on stadium expansion may have been on the top of the desk, but it’s now been put back in the drawer.” He added, “I don’t see major investment in the stadium happening until they get a clearer picture on potential promotion.

The squad and getting that promotion has to dominate thoughts. Everything else has to be put on hold apart from that.”

While Wyness acknowledged that small improvements to the stadium might still be possible for the upcoming season, the focus will squarely be on securing promotion to the Premier League.

The expansion plans will likely be revisited around February 2025, depending on the club’s progress. For now, Leeds United’s priorities have shifted, and the stadium expansion is on the backburner.

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