🚨REPORT : At the heart of this approach is ‘Angeball,’ a term coined to describe his attacking, high-intensity style of play that has garnered both admiration and success


A new biography, Angeball, offers a comprehensive and engaging look at the life and career of Ange Postecoglou, the first Australian to manage an English Premier League club. The book explores his development of the attacking style of play known as “Angeball” and its introduction to the British football public.

Postecoglou’s journey began in Melbourne, where he grew up watching English football with his father and played for South Melbourne Hellas as a nine-year-old. His time at South Melbourne, under coaches like Ferenc Puskas, likely shaped his attacking approach to the game.

The biography, written by Chris McLeod, draws from interviews, press conferences, and Ange’s own writings. It highlights Ange’s personality, charm, and ability to connect with supporters and the press, which has helped him succeed in the competitive world of football management.

Angeball takes readers on a journey from Postecoglou’s schoolboy glory days at Prahran High School to his achievements at Brisbane, Japan, Scotland, and South Melbourne, culminating in his appointment as manager of Tottenham Hotspur, one of England’s “Big Six” football clubs. The book is a tribute to Postecoglou’s success and his impact on the football world.

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