🚨BREAKING NEWS : As tensions rise in the ongoing conflict between Manchester City and the Premier League, Everton Football Club is reportedly poised to back their fellow club in the legal challenge


Everton and Newcastle United are set to support Manchester City in their legal challenge against the Premier League’s Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules, according to reports.

Manchester City has issued a legal claim challenging the validity of the APT rules, which are designed to ensure fair market value in commercial deals and player transfers between clubs and entities linked to their ownership.

The Times reported that Manchester City’s challenge will be heard at an arbitration hearing starting on Monday, and that the Premier League has sought support from other clubs in defending the rules.

However, Everton and Newcastle United are expected to back Manchester City’s challenge, with Everton reportedly “expected to back” the Citizens and Newcastle United “ready to submit documents” in support.

A successful challenge could give clubs free rein to strike commercial deals without independent oversight, and could even have a wider impact on Premier League governance.

Manchester City are also preparing to defend themselves against 115 charges laid by the Premier League over alleged breaches of its financial rules.

While Everton and Newcastle United are supporting Manchester City’s challenge, a majority of clubs are reportedly against the Citizens, with 10-12 clubs providing information in support of the Premier League and its rules.

These clubs include Manchester United, Arsenal, Fulham, Wolves, Brighton, and Tottenham, with some providing witness statements and others providing letters.

The outcome of this legal challenge could have significant implications for the Premier League and its clubs, and will be closely watched by fans and observers alike.

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