🚨JUST IN : The stage is set, and the cruel hand of fate has dealt a bitter blow to the mighty Reds and Toffees


Nottingham Forest and Everton fans are outraged at the Premier League’s proposed changes to the profit and sustainability (PSR) rules, which would raise the allowable three-year losses from £105million to £135million.

This change, proposed by Aston Villa, comes after both Forest and Everton were handed points deductions for breaching the old rules, while other clubs like Villa, Chelsea, and Newcastle could avoid similar punishments if the rules are changed.

Forest received a four-point deduction, while Everton received an eight-point deduction for two breaches, putting both clubs at risk of relegation.

Fans are furious at the timing of the changes, feeling that their clubs are being unfairly punished while others will be let off the hook. The change has sparked a sense of injustice among fans, who believe that the rules should be applied consistently across all clubs.

However, some fans see the positives in the change, arguing that it could lead to more flexibility and freedom for clubs to spend in the transfer market.

The proposed changes have sparked a heated debate among fans, with some seeing it as a necessary update to the rules and others viewing it as a betrayal of the principles of financial fair play.

The controversy has highlighted the ongoing tensions between clubs and the Premier League over issues of finance and governance. While some clubs are pushing for more relaxed rules to allow for greater spending, others are advocating for stricter regulations to ensure financial sustainability.

The outcome of this debate will have significant implications for the future of the Premier League and its clubs.

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