🚹Everton is reportedly considering a stadium naming rights deal with a billionaire investor, as former CEO Keith Wyness suggests


Former Everton chief executive Keith Wyness has suggested that if Manchester City win their legal challenge against the Premier League, it could open the door for Everton to secure a lucrative stadium naming rights deal with a “billionaire” sponsor.

This would allow the Merseysiders to “keep spending” and potentially compete with the financial might of clubs like Manchester City.

Wyness, who served as CEO at Goodison Park between 2004 and 2009 and now runs a football consultancy advising elite clubs, made the comments on the Inside Track podcast.

He was referring to Manchester City’s legal action against the Premier League, which is attempting to end Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules. These rules aim to prevent clubs from inflating commercial deals through companies linked to ownership groups.

If Manchester City win their case, it could pave the way for Everton to secure a major sponsorship deal for their new Bramley-Moore Dock stadium, which is set to open in 2025. Everton chief Richard Kenyon has already revealed that “good progress” is being made in finding a naming rights partner for the stadium.

Wyness believes that if Manchester City succeed in their legal challenge, it could lead to an “arms race” in terms of spending, with clubs competing to secure the biggest sponsorship deals.

He expressed concerns that this could damage the integrity of the game, saying: “We’ve lost sight of the whole thing if it becomes an arms race with money.”

However, Wyness also acknowledged that securing a major sponsorship deal could help Everton to compete with the financial might of clubs like Manchester City. He said: “If City were to win this case, then Everton could fix some problems with a big sponsorship deal.

But they’d have to find the right sponsor. When Mr Usmanov was around, it looked like he was the solution. There will be multi-billionaires around if City win this case, and it will be open season. Clubs who can’t connect and get one will be at a severe disadvantage.”

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