🚨Amid the ongoing search for new ownership at Everton, American investor John Textor has emerged as a potential candidate to complete an immediate takeover, according to football finance expert Keith Wyness


Former Everton chief executive Keith Wyness has revealed that John Textor could potentially seal an immediate takeover of the club with permission from the Premier League.

Textor, a US-based investor, is currently in discussions with the Premier League to explore the possibility of putting his 45% stake in Crystal Palace into a “blind trust” while he purchases a majority stake in Everton.

Wyness, who served as CEO at Goodison Park between 2004 and 2009, believes this arrangement would allow Textor to take over Everton immediately, while the Premier League manages the blind trust until Textor sells his stake in Palace.

This would be a unique situation, as it has never been done before, but it would enable Textor to bid for Everton without breaching Premier League ownership rules.

Textor is reportedly the leading candidate to buy Everton after the collapse of 777 Partners’ takeover deal. He already owns majority stakes in French club Lyon, Brazilian side Botafago, and Belgian outfit RWD Molenbeek.

Wyness has expressed some reservations about Textor’s suitability, but believes the proposed arrangement could be a viable solution for Everton.

The situation is complex, and the Premier League’s approval is crucial. If successful, Textor’s takeover could bring much-needed stability and investment to Everton, who have been searching for a new owner for some time.

However, the unprecedented nature of the proposal means it remains to be seen whether the Premier League will grant the necessary approval.

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