🚨EXCLUSIVE : In a touching display of appreciation,  Vicario wholeheartedly thanks his former club for taking a chance on him and allowing him to realize his dream of playing for SPURS in the Premier League


The goalkeeper, who has been working under the guidance of a seasoned coach, expressed his team’s readiness for the upcoming Euros.

While acknowledging their preparedness, he emphasized the importance of continuous improvement, stating, “We are here to work every day to try to get as close as possible to perfection and be effective.” He attributed their progress to the coach’s guidance and the team’s humble and ambitious mindset, which drives them to learn and grow.

When asked about building up from the back, the goalkeeper shared his thoughts, “I think that, like all things, it must be done when there is a chance to create an advantageous situation.” He highlighted the importance of recognizing opportunities to create numerical advantages, particularly with the goalkeeper’s involvement.

He humbly acknowledged his limitations, saying, “Of course, I can’t dribble like Chiesa does,” but emphasized the importance of knowing when to distribute the ball to free teammates.

He also shared his personal experience with this new approach, stating, “It’s been a big change for me as well, but I am glad to learn it because a little risk can bring a big advantage sometimes.” This mindset reflects the team’s willingness to adapt and evolve, always seeking ways to improve and gain an edge in the competition.

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