🚨HEARTFELT : In a touching display of gratitude and class, Andre Gomes bids farewell to Everton with a heartfelt message that resonates deeply with fans


Andre Gomes, the Portuguese international midfielder, has bid a heartfelt farewell to Everton Football Club and its fans, marking the end of his six-year tenure at Goodison Park.

Gomes joined the Blues in August 2018, initially on loan from Barcelona, before making a permanent switch the following year. During his time at Everton, he made 114 appearances, scoring four goals, and overcame a serious ankle injury in 2019.

As his contract comes to an end, Gomes took to social media to express his gratitude to the Everton faithful, sharing a personal video message filled with emotion and appreciation.

The message begins with footage of his last goal for the club, a stunning free-kick against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup third-round replay in January.

Gomes’ heartfelt message reads: “Dear Evertonians, I’m doing this video for you as a message of gratitude for all the time we spent together. The last few weeks were tough for me and my family. My time with the blue shirt came to an end, but I’m so proud of all these years.

This club is full of history, with big moments and difficult situations that should make us learn from them. But both situations have one thing in common: your passion for this wonderful football club.”

He continued: “The love, the relentless fighting spirit, the hard work. For me, there’s another word that defines how special you are: Family. Going through ups and downs, emotions, and amazing atmospheres, you never gave up on us.

You never give up on the person next to you, and that’s what community is all about. There are no words to describe the impact you have on helping others. I’m very fortunate and thankful for all the experiences and moments we shared together.”

Gomes also expressed his appreciation for the people he met during his time at Everton, saying: “I met so many wonderful people, and I’m touched by all of you who made me and my family feel special.

This message wasn’t supposed to be too long, but just a thank you message wouldn’t be enough. My family grew under your umbrella, and nowadays, I have my kid singing Everton songs every day. I guess you all did a wonderful job because I’m sure we’ll never forget our time with you.”

With a clear emotional tone, Gomes added: “I’m not the best person at showing emotions, but those who really know me understand how much this means to me. People say that good things will come to an end, and maybe this is the case, but I leave with my heart full of memories and wonderful moments. And for that, I want to thank you. One last word to all the staff, players, and employees that I had the chance to work with: you know how much I love you and how much I will miss you. Thank you, family. Always in my heart.”

Gomes’ farewell message has resonated with Everton fans, who appreciate his sincerity and gratitude. His time at the club may have come to an end, but the memories and impact he made will be cherished by the Everton family for a long time.

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