🚨Patrick Bamford’s potential departure from Leeds United this summer appears more challenging compared to several of his teammates, as highlighted by Phil Hay, a journalist from The Athletic


The Athletic journalist, Hay, shared his insights on Patrick Bamford’s future with the Square Ball on June 8, suggesting that Championship clubs may struggle to afford his salary.

Despite previous interest from Nottingham Forest, there appears to be no clear destination for the 30-year-old striker in the top flight. Hay noted that Bamford’s wage will be a significant factor, making it difficult for Championship clubs to sign him.

With nine goals scored in the second half of the season, Bamford’s contributions are valuable, but his injury record and fitness issues pose concerns.

Leeds United may need to consider finding a like-for-like replacement, as Joel Piroe’s inconsistent form and usage under Daniel Farke raise questions about his role in the squad.

Piroe’s 16 goals were impressive, but his effectiveness was hindered by being played out of position as a number 10 and his sporadic inclusion in the lineup.

Even if Bamford stays, Farke will likely need to target a player who can provide a similar style of play, unless he plans to change the team’s approach.

The emergence of young Mateo Joseph is encouraging, but his development will require careful management to avoid the same fate as Joe Gelhardt, who burst onto the scene but has since faded into obscurity.

Leeds United needs to find a solution to their striker conundrum, whether through Bamford, Piroe, Joseph, or new signings.

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