GOOD NEWS : Nigel Martyn, a notable figure in Everton’s history, reflects on the remarkable impact the club has had on his life and career


Nigel Martyn, a former Everton goalkeeper, recalls a bold plan for a team night out after the Merseyside derby in 2004.

The team had organized a Christmas party in Newcastle, but it was scheduled for the same day as the derby, which could have been a risk if they didn’t win.

Martyn suggested stopping for fish and chips on the way, and he even pre-ordered a large quantity from a chip shop in Wetherby, warning them of the football squad-sized order to come.

The plan worked out perfectly, as Everton won the derby 1-0 thanks to a Lee Carsley goal, and the team celebrated on the bus with fish and chips on the way to Newcastle. Martyn, who played for Everton from 2003 to 2006, looks back on his time at the club fondly, including their fourth-place finish in the 2004-05 season.

Martyn’s journey to Everton was not straightforward, as he was initially close to signing for the club in 1996 but ultimately joined Leeds United instead.

He spent seven years at Leeds before moving to Everton in 2003, where he became an integral part of the team and was voted Player of the Season in his first campaign.

Despite being forced to retire due to an ankle injury in 2006, Martyn remains passionate about football and cricket, and still plays cricket every week for Knaresborough Cricket Club.

He also attends Everton games a few times a year and appreciates the club’s old-fashioned feel and knowledgeable supporters.

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