🚨JUST IN : Tottenham’s midfielder Apologizes to Son Heung-min for Insensitive Remarks


Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur has apologized to his captain, Heung-min Son, for a racist joke he made during an interview in Uruguay. When asked for Son’s kit, Bentancur perpetuated a harmful stereotype by saying, “maybe from his cousin” because “they all look the same.”

This comment sparked outrage among fans and the football community, with many condemning Bentancur’s remarks as inappropriate and offensive.

Football London’s Alasdair Gold criticized the joke as a “dreadful attempt at humour” that upset many people, emphasizing that such behavior is unacceptable, especially from a teammate.

In response to the backlash, Bentancur took to Instagram to issue a heartfelt apology, expressing deep regret for his actions.

In his post, Bentancur addressed Son, saying, “Sony brother! I apologize to you for what happened, it was just a very bad joke! You know that I love you and I would never disrespect you or hurt you or anyone else! I love you brother!” Bentancur’s apology aims to mend the harm caused by his thoughtless comment, reaffirming his love and respect for Son and committing to being more mindful in the future.

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