🚨REPORT : Pundits Ian Wright, Gary Neville, and Roy Keane Criticize Leeds United Player for Crucial Mistake in Euro 2024 Match


Leeds United center-back Max Wöber had a disastrous moment as Austria faced France in the European Championships. Wöber, who spent the 2023-24 season on loan in Germany, started for Austria but unfortunately scored an own goal to give France the lead.

The incident occurred in the 38th minute when Kylian Mbappe sent a cross into the box, and Wöber’s bizarre header found the bottom corner of his own net.

The ITV panel, consisting of Roy Keane, Gary Neville, and Ian Wright, were left baffled by Wöber’s mistake. Keane criticized Wöber’s defending, saying he needed to slow down and get his body position right.

Wright struggled to contain his laughter, pointing out that Wöber seemed to be looking away from the ball. Neville concluded that Wöber failed to set himself properly for the incoming ball.

Wöber’s disappointing performance was compounded by a rash foul that earned him a yellow card. He was eventually substituted around the hour mark with the score still 1-0 to France.

Leeds United fans had hoped to see Wöber impress and potentially increase his value or convince them of his worth to the team. However, his poor performance may have dashed those hopes.

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