EXCLUSIVE : Amadou Onana Corrects Reporter with Blunt Response After Being Mistaken for Andre Onana


Belgium midfielder Amadou Onana had a memorable encounter with a reporter following Belgium’s Euro 2024 opener against Slovakia, which resulted in a historic victory for Slovakia.

Despite the disappointing outcome for Belgium, Onana’s impressive performance stood out, as he won more duels than any other player on the pitch.

However, the encounter took a humorous turn when a reporter mistakenly addressed Onana as “Andre” in the mixed zone. Onana, who had been speaking in French, promptly switched to English and corrected the reporter with a witty response, “Andre is not even my name, mate.” The exchange was comically impressive, showcasing Onana’s command of the English language.

Despite the error, Onana demonstrated his professionalism by continuing to answer questions from the reporter. His maturity and poise in the face of a mistake that could have been embarrassing for the reporter earned him praise.

Onana’s impressive display at the Euro 2024 opener has only heightened his appeal, with Arsenal expressing interest in the Everton midfielder.

Everton values Onana highly, and his desire to leave Goodison Park is well-known. In an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws, Onana expressed his ambition to play for a top club, stating, “At previous tournaments, you have seen that the players who did well make the step up to the top clubs.

That’s something I strive for. I feel like presenting myself to the European top and showing what I have to offer. This European Championship is a stage.”

As the tournament progresses, Onana’s performances will be closely watched, and his future plans may become clearer. With his talent, ambition, and professionalism, Onana is poised to make a significant impact in the world of football.

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