EXCLUSIVE : Everton’s Request for Separate Final Game at Goodison Park Gains Perspective


The decision to play Everton’s final game at Goodison Park in the penultimate weekend of the 2024/25 season has sparked a lively debate among fans and journalists. While some had initially hoped for a farewell on the final day of the season, the reasoning behind the decision has been understood and appreciated by many.

Chris Beesley, a member of the ECHO sportsdesk, believes that having the game in a unique timeslot will allow it to receive the attention it deserves from the wider football world, making it an historic occasion for the sport. “This will be an historic occasion, not just for Blues, but for the game in general,” Beesley said. “Goodison Park deserves its moment in the spotlight, and this arrangement ensures it will get the recognition it deserves.”

Matt Jones, another member of the ECHO sportsdesk, would have preferred the final game to be on the last weekend, but understands the commercial benefits of the current arrangement. “Commercially, the current standpoint makes sense,” Jones said. “The club should get the chance to broadcast the farewell around the globe and build the brand of the new stadium. But, selfishly, I would have preferred it to be the last weekend of the campaign.”

Joe Thomas, also of the ECHO sportsdesk, agrees with the club’s decision, citing the potential competition from other high-stakes matches on the final day of the season. “Once I knew the reason, it made sense to me,” Thomas said. “A Goodison farewell would be competing with powerful rival storylines on the afternoon of May 25. This gives the final match at Goodison the opportunity to be a main event.”

As the day approaches, emotions will run high, and the occasion will be a fitting tribute to Goodison Park’s legacy. The decision allows for a dedicated celebration, giving the club and fans a chance to cherish the moment without distraction. Goodison Park, with its rich history and storied past, deserves a grand farewell, and the arrangement ensures it will get the recognition it deserves.

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