🚨BREAKING NEWS : Everton’s Former CEO Lauds Club’s Impressive £20m Castore Kit Deal


Former Everton CEO Keith Wyness has praised Castore’s decision to partner with the club, citing the upcoming stadium opening in 2025 as a key factor in the “smart” move.

Wyness, who led the club from 2004 to 2009, believes the £20million-per-season deal signals Everton’s return to competitiveness in the Premier League’s commercial landscape.

Wyness, now a football consultant, notes that the club had been underperforming in commercial terms, “punching below their weight.” However, the Castore deal, worth three times the previous agreement with Hummel, marks a significant step forward.

With the new stadium set to open in 2025, Wyness expects increased publicity and visibility, making the partnership a savvy marketing move by Castore.

The deal is part of Everton’s growing commercial success, with the club projected to generate £95million in sponsorship and commercial revenue next season.

Wyness sees this as a return to form for the Toffees, who are now “back where they should be” among the Premier League’s top ten clubs in terms of financial performance. As the club continues to progress, Wyness anticipates even more lucrative sponsorship opportunities on the horizon.

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