🚨”Key Signings In Sight” – Double Leeds United Transfer Prediction Issued Involving Two Key Players


A return to confidence is what Leeds United need to find before the start of next season as they look to erase the mistakes of failing to gain promotion to the Premier League last time.

The 2023/24 campaign was marked by the context for the whites. They got 90 points, a figure that would normally have been enough for them, but they finished third behind Leicester City and Ipswich Town.

Championship standings 2023/24






Leicester City (centre)





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Leeds United










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It was a completely anomalous season and generally could have been left as is if not for some context.

The form of the Yorkshire team at the end of the season was what gave Leicester and Ipswich (particularly Town) the chance to gain automatic promotion ahead of the Whites. They picked up four points and lost the same number of games in their final half-dozen games of the championship season. That’s what killed them.

Their second attempt at promotion was also thwarted by a narrow 1–0 defeat to Southampton in the play-off final. Better margins make a difference in this game. The score and statistics such as shots, shots on goal and possession suggest a close game. But Leeds never posed a real, lasting threat.

Leeds United were expected to sign a player from Norwich City and Patrick Bamford was still in the starting XI.

Next season should be about redemption for United and, ahead of the 2024/25 season, Leeds United World Football League fan expert Kris Smith has given some early predictions of what could happen in summer on Elland Road.

Smith doesn’t see his team deviating from its usual habits under the current boss. He believes that the former Norwich players he has already managed will come forward and that the club’s ubiquitous striker, at least in the squad, not always in the starting eleven, Patrick Bamford, will lead the line again at the start of next season.

“One thing that I foresee, that I can’t overlook at this point, is that Daniel Farke will continue his search for players to reunite with,” Kris told FLW.

“Last summer Sam Byram joined on a free transfer after leaving Norwich City; he signed it when he was there.

“Max Aarons came very close to joining and we made an offer for Kenny McLean. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make a move again for some of his former Norwich players, especially McLean, who had to be looked after.

“He has spoken about the lack of experience in our team and he has just finished a very good season with Norwich, so I would deal with that.

“The second thing I would predict is that whatever we do in terms of signing a striker this summer, I think all Leeds fans will agree that we need one, we will see the start of our season, with Patrick Bamford at the helm . the line.

“We have needed to replace him, or at least reduce our confidence in him, for years. But that has never been done and I wouldn’t be surprised if we enter the new season with him in charge.”

Leeds may be forced to stick to the old ways, even if they don’t want to

The financial situation Leeds currently find themselves in cannot be underestimated. They will have a hard time getting through this summer unless they sell some of their most valuable assets.

The likes of Crysencio Summerville, the 2023/24 Championship Player of the Season, may want to move on anyway, and we could see a repeat of Wilfried Gnonto’s attempts to get out of Elland Road, so the task of moving players for money could not. be too difficult.

The clubs will try to deceive them as they can. In negotiations, the club really has no advantage over anyone. They have to sell. Unless the team on the other side is equally desperate to buy, they may simply hold out until United can no longer endure the fiscal pain.

This lack of freedom they will have in the transfer window could force their hand. If you’re working with limited money, you’ll probably go with something you know works.

There is an argument over whether Farke signing someone like McLean or other former players like Oliver Skipp, who has been linked with a move to Elland Road, would be enough to beat Leeds this time. However, they may not have a choice.

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