🚨JUST IN : Leeds United Supporters Predict ‘100-Point’ Target Following Key Developments


Leeds United Fans Exude Confidence Ahead of 2024-25 Season

The Championship fixture announcement has sparked unbridled optimism among Leeds United supporters, who have taken to social media to express their lofty expectations for the upcoming season.

With the release of the fixtures, which sees Leeds kick off their league campaign at home against Portsmouth on August 10, fans are adamant that Daniel Farke’s side is poised to dominate the second tier.

The collective sentiment among supporters is that Leeds United must “walk the league” and accumulate over 100 points from 46 games. This bold prediction is fueled by the club’s impressive performance last season, where they amassed 90 points, narrowly missing out on automatic promotion.

The heartbreaking defeat to Southampton at Wembley has only strengthened the resolve of the Leeds faithful, who are now more determined than ever to see their team secure the title.

The recent lucrative partnership deal with Red Bull has alleviated concerns about the potential sale of key players, allowing fans to dream big. With the squad intact and bolstered by the financial backing of Red Bull, supporters believe that Leeds United has the necessary firepower to steamroll the competition.

While some fans are predicting an unbeaten season, others are setting their sights on a treble-figure points tally. The sense of optimism is palpable, with many believing that this is Leeds United’s year to reclaim their rightful place in the top tier.

As the season draws near, the excitement and anticipation are building. Leeds United fans are united in their belief that this is the year their team will bring home the Championship title, and they’re eager to see their side make a triumphant return to the Premier League.

With their unwavering support and the team’s determination, Leeds United is poised to make the 2024-25 season one to remember.

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