🚨GOOD NEWS : The Esk Suggests Dan Friedkin Emulate Jim Ratcliffe’s Approach to Make Everton Great


Everton are one of many clubs to have been hit by recent comments from a rival club’s owner.

Jim Ratcliffe’s views on the Premier League power struggle have sparked mass outrage across most of the division and their fan bases, painting a picture of doom for his mighty Manchester United as other clubs fight for their lives.

It is ironic that he is out of touch with the reality of football, but little else is to be expected.

Esk reacts to Jim Ratcliffe’s Premier League comments

Paul Quinn, better known as The Esk on X, has now taken to his blog to try and give his verdict on Ratcliffe’s latest comments.

After upsetting the rest of the Premier League with his arrogance and entitlement, the financial guru and writer actually revealed his admiration for the businessman and described how Dan Friedkin can copy his leadership.

He wrote: “It must be a much lower base, and when stability is assured, show the same desire to succeed—the same desire to dominate, though not at the expense of everyone else.” Not at the expense of the league, which provides a platform for much greater success.

“We cannot rely on the Premier League alone, we can only be responsible for our future success by what we achieve ourselves. But we can influence and lead other Premier League clubs to challenge the prevailing Ratcliffe thinking – not just for ourselves, but for the good of all involved Premier League.”

When will Dan Friedkin complete the takeover of Everton?

Pinpointing an exact completion date for this ongoing takeover is an almost impossible task given how unpredictable the Premier League has been in recent years, but we can assume it will happen sooner rather than later.

After all, there are already pretty clear signs that a successful outcome is imminent.

The biggest giveaway has been the Toffees’ surprising spending spree this summer, with Kevin Thelwell surely given some kind of green light to bring in players.

And while that’s going on, Friedkin even visited Merseyside in the build-up and enjoyed a tour of the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium, their soon-to-be new home.

Four to six weeks is a reasonable timeframe for a simple process, but at Everton things rarely are. After an exclusivity deal was struck in mid-June, mid-to-late July might be a realistic date to expect a release.

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