JUST IN : Delight for Forest Fans as City Ground Land Sale Ensures Club’s Historic Home


Nottingham Forest fans said they were delighted after the ground was announced to be sold to help the club retain its historic home ground.

Nottingham City Council has agreed to sell the land on which the City Ground is based to the club, which includes terms ensuring the club remains at the ground “for a long time to come”.

Located on the banks of the River Trent, the pitch is on council-owned land and is leased to the club on a long-term contract.

The fans said the stadium is an important part of the club.

Clifton’s Josh Lowe said he disagreed with other fans’ concerns that Forest might be forced to uproot.

“I’m happy, but I didn’t think we’d ever move anyway to be honest, because why would you?” said the 24-year-old.

“I mean, it’s the City Ground, isn’t it?

“If you’ve moved, you’ve touched the heart and soul of the club.”

“What would you do—go to Toton? It wouldn’t make sense.

“It would be difficult for the fans to pull it off, so what’s the point?”

Kyle Childley, 19, from Nottingham, is also delighted at the news that the club will be staying.

“If they were at Toton, I wouldn’t go to any game,” he said.

“It’s great for football fans and we love the pitch.

“The club will now be able to do their own thing, so I bet there will be a lot of changes now.”

Andrew Stratford, 72, of Keyworth, has been a Forest fan for 65 years.

He said: “I am happy.

“It’s an iconic stadium and it’s full of atmosphere, and that’s the real deal.

“I know there’s been talk of a move to Toton, but it’s a bit too close to Derby for my taste.

“If we could restore the Peter Taylor Stand and enlarge the pitch so that more fans could attend games and get tickets, that would be fantastic – a lot of us fans are struggling to get tickets.

“The stadium is very important to the club. A lot of history has been made down there and long may it continue.”

Nottingham Forest Supporters Trust chairman Andy Cadell told the BBC outside the City Ground: “It’s a proposal and it looks very positive.

“It’s a big positive step forward, but until [the deal] actually happens, I think everyone will be worried about it actually happening.

“I represent the trust in the Supporters’ Advisory Board (FAB), so the FAB will consult with the club and the club will be very positive indeed.

“The partnership with FAB has been really good recently and continues to improve, so I think all fans will have the opportunity to contribute to what will be a great matchday experience here.”

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